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Serdika Offices с коледна инициатива - украси елха

Serdika Offices' initiative - "Decorate your Christmas Tree"

26 Christmas  trees will be planted in Sofia Zoo during spring 2017. The initiative is held by Serdika Offices, which organized a competition between tenants for the most beautiful Christmas tree. The Christmas trees are located in the outdoor atrium and companies are free to choose the decoration and unleash their imagination by creating an incredibly festive mood. Beginning the challenge was given on
November 28 and will end on December 14, when a competent jury will evaluate and award winners.  

The most beautiful Christmas tree will win a special menu with Austrian specialties and drinks provided by the management of Serdika Offices.

Christmas trees will be planted in Spring, with the sole aim to create a better environment for the residents of Sofia Zoo, because for us a planted tree means - life.