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Certified Green Building

Is it really all about Flexibility?

We often say that Serdika Offices is a building ahead of its time, not only because of the cutting-edge technologies used, but also because of its architecture and design. The business building easilly addapts to tennants' needs. Now as people are getting back in the office, the organizations are facing the need of office reduction, expansion or redesign. The redisign often means creating more comfortable work spaces, recreation areas and meeting rooms.

Our office infrastructure is beyond the density ratios - we don't simply measure how many people can fit in 200 or 1 000 sqare meters. We are focused on our tenants' comfort, actual needs and experience.

Our business model is simple. Tenants can expand or reduce their space without serious financial impact on both - tenant and landlord, but also with minimum impact on the environment. Very often the environmental component is missed, but for Serdika Offices as a "certified green business" sustainable development is a mission.

One floor in Serdika Offices is 4000 sq.m. divided into separate but interconnected units of 500 and 250 sq.m. A kind of Lego in which you can easily add or remove another office unit without requiring a complete redesign of ventilation, air conditioning, wiring or electrical installation. It is extremely important especially nowadays when office users' demands are constantly changing.