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Certified Green Building

Serdika Offices can offer you easy access by bicycle, car and public transportation

Serdika Offices holds close to heart the mission of evolving as a green building with respect to healthy lifestyle. The building provides 30 ring style bicycle racks to sports enthusiasts among the employees of our tenants. Riding a bicycle gives you the benefit of sports while travelling to work using the best of green energy - your own strenght.

The Municipality of Sofia promotes cycling as a way to travel in the urban environment with the hope that it will become part of the daily lives of more people. The importance of this becomes all the more clear, reminding ourselves that Bulgaria still ranks at the top of the most non-sporting nations. The statistics show that 78% of Bulgarians do not engage in sports, and among workers this percentage is even higher - 94%.

Besides by bicycle, Serdika Offices is easilly accessible on foot, by car and public transportation. Together with the 1 600 parking places the Business building boasts 5 charging stations for electric vehicles.

At the location:

  • 30 ring style bicycle racks
  • 7 charging stations for electric vehicles
  • 1600 parking places on 3 levels

For Serdika offices sustainable development is a mission. As a "certified green business" the office building supports initiatives related to environmental cleanliness and healthy lifestyle.

Fact Sheet:

  • GDNB Platinum Certified green building - the highest possible certificate according to the German standard for certification of green buildings
  • COVID 19 certificate for safe working environment
  • Green building in terms of technical characteristics, but also in terms of current operation, 50% of the electricity used in the building is from renewable energy sources