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Certified Green Building

Serdika Offices offers you a safe working environment

There is no doubt the easiest way to boost the performance of the employees is in the office. It is clearer now that the engagement is much stronger and people are much more motivated in business environment.

Safe working environment

Serdika Offices is one of the best performers in terms of safe working environment. Starting from the architecture, going through the materials used during construction and last but not least the technologies harnessed to secure the comfort and safety of all tenants' employees. The high-tech air conditioning of the premisses allows houerly oxigenating our tenant's offices. By all standarts pure oxygen in the right ammount helps reduce fatigue and promote healthy working life style and productivity. Those are the reasons to support our statement that Serdika Offices experience is defined by high quality and functionality for a safe, comfortable, and efficient working environment.

Safe access

The two atriums allow the movement of large groups of people while keeping a safe distance. Three panoramic and twelve high speed elevators service the office premises. Access to them is through 6 separate lobbies to avoid crowding at peak hours - the morning rush at 9 am and the evening "exodus" at 6 pm. The office space is split in units from 200 sq.m up to 4,000 sq.m on a single floor. This allows companies to relatively easily add or reduce the leased area according to their current needs. 

Certified Green Building

  • DGNB Platinum - "Serdika Offices" is a green building with a DGNB Platinum certificate for sustainable development, the highest possible recognition, according to the German standard for certification of green buildings. This includes not only technical specifications, but also green electricity - 50% of which comes from renewable energy sources.
  • COVID 19 certificate for safe working environment - with SHORE Certification which is the only internationally acknowledged resilience certification program.