• 1 metro line, 5 bus lines, 3 tram lines, 3 shuttle bus lines
  • 1,9 km from Sofia city center and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Orlov Most (Eagles` Bridge) – 0.9 km
  • Sofia University – 1 km
  • Sofia International Airport – 15 minutes by car
  • Trakia and Hemus highways – 10 to 15 minutes by car
  • Ring Road – at 8.5 km (connection with international
  • highways Е79 to Greece and Е80 to Serbia)
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The location of Serdika offices on the main Sitnyakovo Blvd. provides easy access to the building. By car, visitors have direct access from Popova Shapa Street to the outdoor parking lot on level +3.


Through the central entrance on “Sitnyakovo” Blvd., you can use 3 panoramic rooms to a spacious lobby, where the reception is located.


Serdika Offices offers easy access by bicycle, car and public transport.

For Serdika Offices, it is a mission to develop as a green building. The attitude towards a healthy lifestyle is also of great importance. The building offers 30 bike racks to sports enthusiasts among our tenants’ employees. Cycling gives you the edge of sport as you commute to work using the best of green energy – your own power.

Sofia Municipality promotes cycling as a way of getting around in an urban environment with the hope that it will become a part of everyday life for more people. The significance of this becomes even clearer when you remember that Bulgaria still ranks at the top of the rankings of the least sporting nations. Statistics show that 78% of Bulgarians do not play sports, and among working people this percentage is even higher – 94%.

Apart from cycling, Serdika Offices is easily accessible by foot, car and public transport. Along with 1,600 parking spaces, the business building has 5 charging stations for electric cars.

The location offers:

  • 30 bicycle racks
  • 7 charging stations for electric cars
  • 1 600 parking spaces

For Serdika Offices, sustainable development is a mission. As a “certified green business”, the office building uses the best green practices in the area and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Certified Green Building:

  • GDNB Platinum Certified Green Building – the highest possible certificate under the German Green Building Certification Standard
  • The BREEAM standard has been developed to implement as many principles as possible to ensure the quality of the built environment through an accessible, comprehensive and well-balanced system for measuring the environmental impact of that living environment.




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Bus lines

№ 9 | № 72 | № 120 | № 305 | № 413



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